Admission to the Master’s program “Genocide Studies” has begun. Documents are accepted (YSU central annex, the 5th floor, Department of Master’s program).

The first round - 19.05.2014 - 04.06.2014. The graduates of the same specialization of the current academic year of YSU undergraduate studies who received 13 or more points at the defense of their graduation paper and whose average quality score is at least 13 registered in diploma annex can apply for the tuition-free and paid system in the first round of the admission. 

The second round - 10.06.2014 - 25.06.2014. Current students and alumnus who studied at YSU and other State Universities as well as at accredited non State Universities can apply for the paid system. 

The third round - 03.07.2014 - 25.08.2014. Applicants who have the qualification of Bachelor's degree of the same specialization or diplomaed specialist and saved in the National Army of RA can apply for the tuition-free system in the third round (for the applicants demobilized from the army) .

The admission for the first round is from June 9 till June 12, for the second round it is from June 27 till July 4 and for the third round from September 1 till September 5. 

There are 3 places with full tuition reimbursement (tuition-free) for full-time tuition, one of them is with the right of deferment. 


RA, Yerevan, Alex Manoogian 1,
2nd annex of YSU, the 5th floor,
Tel.: + 37460 71 00 92